Gate Openers & Garage Doors


Gate Openers & Garage Doors

Gate Openers & Garage Doors in South Florida

Rincon Fence Supply is one of the world’s leading contractors of garage door access systems for residential homes and commercial applications. We have been providing a wide selection of garage doors to meet the individual style and needs of consumers. Built with a unique protection design, our gate openers and garage doors offer safety, durability, energy efficiency, low maintenance, as well a robust design.

Our company takes great pride in supplying our customers with options that are tailored to their specific needs, and that will be durable and aesthetically pleasing. We have been providing gate opener installation and repair services for residential and commercial garage doors and accessories over the years. When it comes to serving in Naples, FL, areas of West Palm Beach and Port Saint Lucie, we have many options like PVC gates, wooden gates, aluminum gates, alloy gates, custom gates, and many more. Our gates are made with premium quality hardware that not only delivers the perfect safety for your home but also brings in the elegant style and class that makes your house look desirably appealing. 


Why Choose Gate Openers and Garage Doors Installation?

Our garage doors are the style and safety choice for every home in Boca Raton and Key Largo FL. We understand the impact of hurricanes on the residents in Miami, Florida and that is why every product we install is wind load tested and approved. Moreover, in the state of Florida, a building permit is required to replace a garage door for the resident’s protection.

Our automatic gate installations are built with high-quality components and heavy-duty steel designs that come with a safety system to enhance overall safety for the homeowner. The variety can range from traditional and classic garages to choosing options for materials and style. Some of the popular styles are chain-driven, belt-driven, screw-driven, and more.

Therefore, to fight against harsh weather conditions, you need to have a robust protection system in your place, making gate opener and garage door repair and installation services a need of the hour. 

Residential Vs. Commercial Gate Opener and Garage Door

You must take care to select the best gate openers and garage door that complements the design of your home. Residential garage doors may be a significant architectural component of a house. However, commercial or industrial garage doors are a standard in many different businesses, including dining establishments, repair shops, retail stores, and more. Also, commercial garage door sizes frequently exceed those of even the biggest residential doors. The size will change based on its intended use. For instance, commercial overhead doors are typically 24 feet tall and 32 feet wide. To accommodate the size of the machinery coming in and out during the day, industrial garage doors may be considerably bigger than residential ones.

Whether you need residential or commercial settings, get in touch with our professional team. Contact us today to learn more about our gate opener and garage door installation services.